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Return to Church Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to be re-entering the Church on Sunday, June 6. There has been a lot of prayer and planning in preparation for our re-entry. We will start on June 6 by safely seating 250 people. We will adjust this number over time. We also plan to continue live streaming our services, to allow our members multiple options to participate Church fellowship.  

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding our re-entry.

Q: What made you decide that now was the time to return?
A: We have said since the beginning of the pandemic that we would follow the guidance of our Health Ministry and other Healthcare professionals regarding our date for re-entry. Vaccinations are now available to most of the population, the number of cases is continuing to drop, and the city has relaxed most of its restrictions.

Q: Why are we limiting the attendance to 250 people? Other churches are opening back at full capacity. Why aren’t we?
A: The health and safety of our congregation has always been our primary concern. While the number of cases is going down and the number of vaccinations is increasing, COVID- 19 is still a threat. We want to make sure we can safely seat 250 people before increasing the number. Once we’ve safely done that, we will look at increasing the number. We don’t want to risk an outbreak.

Q: When will that be? Two weeks? The end of the month?
A: We can better answer that question after we’ve experienced safely seating 250 people.

Q: Who is included in that 250 number?
A: Everyone in attendance in the building is included in that number.  That includes Pastor Maxwell, ministers, deacons, ushers, greeters, choir, musicians, and everyone involved in the service.

Q: How do I register to attend?
A: We will be using an online registration system – Brushfire.  The system will be designed to stop accepting registration requests when we reach 250 people.  You can go to our Church website - - and there will be a registration link to attend service.  Once you click the link you will be provided with step-by-step instructions.  During the registration process, you will be asked to “select a seat” however, actual seating will be assigned by ushers upon entry into the sanctuary.

Q: What about people uncomfortable with, or unable to go online for registration?
A: Please call the Church Office between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, and we will take your information over the phone and complete the registration for you.

Q: What about the people that are not a part of the 250?  Will they have access to the service?
A: Yes. We will continue to reach out to our members via live streaming as well as in- person.

Q: Do you have safety protocols in place for in-person attendance?
A: Yes, we will have signage throughout the sanctuary, hand sanitizer stations, seating will be made available based on approved social distancing protocols and masks must be worn at times while in the Church. We will also revise our collection and communion processes to meet health safety protocols.

Q: How will you let the membership know about the new procedure?
A: We will be utilizing all of our social media platforms – our website, Church app, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as our church notification system utilizing phone calls and text messages.

Q: When will we increase the number of attendees?
A: After we’ve had a chance to evaluate how well we’ve safely seated 250 people.

Q: Will people have to be vaccinated to attend?
A: No. We encourage everyone to be vaccinated, but we will not make vaccinations mandatory.

Q: What about parking?
A: Parking will be available on the first two levels behind the Church as well as handicapped parking. Bus service will not be available.

Q: How will people enter the building – how many entrances will be available?
A: There will be two entrances: The entrance under the canopy and the archway/bell entrance.


Medical Questions:

Q: Give us a brief COVID update – on the country and of the state.
A: Since the pandemic began, the U.S. has had over 32 million COVID-19 cases, 583,000 deaths, and almost 38% people fully vaccinated.  Davidson County had over 98,000 cases, 914 deaths, and 30% people fully vaccinated.   The rate of vaccination has slowed significantly in recent weeks.

The United States, Tennessee, and Davidson County saw a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths since the spike in cases and deaths after the holidays in January.  This decline coincides with the U.S. campaign for vaccine administration.   Now many regions across the country, including Nashville/Davidson County, are reopening, and lifting the mandates for mask wearing and social distancing as recommended by the CDC.  Doctor’s offices, hospitals, long term care facilities and other businesses that choose to continue mask wearing and social distancing may do so.  Although we’ve come a long way, the pandemic is not over.  We’re not completely safe until all parts of the globe are safe.

Q: How will we monitor the congregation – even with only 250 attending – to ensure we don’t have an outbreak?
A: Temperature screenings and screening questions of members and guests will occur at the entrance of the church building.  Persons who do not pass the temperature screening or screening questions will need to watch our service online rather than in-person to avoid possible spread of disease into our congregation.  They will be encouraged to get a medical evaluation and a COVID-19 test.  

The screening questions will not include vaccination status.   So, vaccination status will be unknown.  To protect each other, especially, the vulnerable among us, we’ll wear masks and practice social distancing while in the sanctuary.  That means that greeters will seat members of each household together physically distanced from members of other households.  Additional individual efforts to keep each other safe require that we avoid hugging, shaking hands, and congregating with members of other households.

Q: Will attendees be asked to report if they contract COVID?
A: We encourage members and guests who attend an in-person service and test positive to notify our church office of the positive test and the date of church attendance. This will help us to monitor the possibility of a disease outbreak within our congregation and even evaluate our screening processes.

Our aim is to ensure the safety of our church family as we transition to in-person and collective worship again. In the past 15 months, we have learned so much about COVID-19,  its transmission, and the benefits of the vaccine for protection.  The biggest lessons, wearing a mask, social distancing, and proper handwashing practices, keep us safe.  However, there is still more to learn.


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