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Standing In Need of Prayer...

LPMBC | Standing In Need of Prayer

Sis. Adrienne Mims
Bro. Chris Hodges
Sis. Christine Hamilton
Bro. Elvin Norton
Bro. Ezzard King
Dea. Flem Goins
Sis. Jennie Holt
Sis. Mary Stewart
Sis. Mary Adkins
Bro. Melvin Patton
Bro. Reginald Williams
Dea. Reginald Edwards
Dr. Robert Hampton
Bro. Russell Mosley
Bro. William Crawford
Bro. William Jones
Sis. Willie Mosley
Sis. Wilma Blackman

Our Prayer for March
Praise your name our God. You are worthy to be praised. Father, we are your church. The people whom you have chosen as your own. We know that you see every struggle and every care. Lord, help us to boldly approach your throne knowing that you are both a loving Father and an all-powerful God. Nothing is hidden from you. Thank you for being present with us and in us through your Holy Spirit. Thank you for loving us even before we love you. Thank you for watching over us even when we faltered. Father, we thank you that your word says we were created in Christ Jesus for good works that you prepared beforehand. Please help us to be focused as a people and as a church to carry out those things you have given us to do. Teach us to be faithful servants. In Jesus’ name Amen.
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